Pakistan released 20 Indian fishermen from jail, this is the reason

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20 Indian fishermen arrested for illegal entry into Pakistan and fishing in its maritime border have been released. According to the report of ‘Jung’, these fishermen were released from the Maler district jail Landhi in Karachi on Sunday. These fishermen will be handed over to the Indian authorities on the Wagah border in Lahore district tomorrow (Monday).

Aurangzeb Khan, Superintendent of Maler District Jail Landhi, told that together with these 237 Indian fishermen were imprisoned in this jail. The government of Pakistan has decided to release 20 of them under goodwill. He was in jail for more than a year. After his release, 217 Indian fishermen are now in prison in Pakistan jail.

Aurangzeb Khan said that the release of these twenty Indian fishermen was done on Sunday. They were taken to Karachi Cantt railway station by the philanthropic organization Edhi Foundation under the supervision of the jail police. From here he was sent to Lahore. Faisal Edhi, the head of the Edhi Foundation, sent them off at the station. Tomorrow (on January 6) under the supervision of the Edhi Foundation in Lahore, these Indian fishermen will go to the Wagah border where they will be handed over to the Indian authorities in the afternoon.